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Materialistic – In love with materials (Oslo Friteater festival 10th – 11th November 2018)

By Katja Henrisken Schia

Photos from the process (Photos: Katja H: Schia):

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Roundabout (17.03 – 18.03.18)

by Katja Henriksen Schia



Photos: Helmine Syvertsen

Research Room: Bouncing Narratives (17.02 – 18.02.18)

By Roza Moshtaghi and Shahrzad Malekian


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Research Room updates:

After Kristin Nango’s Research Room, she started a group called Laboratorium and consists of a group of people who meet to share their practice once every week. It started in early January 2018 and the group will practice together during this year.


Ane Thon Kuntsen’s Research Room also resulted in a book and was shown in Poznan (Poland) at the X-Print artist book festival. Here are a few photos:



Material from Research Rooms:

#4 An Evening of the Book (/The Mark on the Wall), by Ane Thon Knutsen


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Photos by Ylva Greni Gulbrandsen

#3 Jeanne, brenner, by INO Teater


#2 Liminal Landscapes and Mnemonic Textiles, by Stine Olstad (for her MA project, KHIO)


#1 Maze of my Skull by Shinbal company


Extracts from the étude program at Deichmanske bibliotek, Grünerløkka (2016):


The first étude in September 2016: