The Research Room

Research Room # 3 , 9th – 10th December

Roundabout by Katja Schia Henriksen


Welcome to the last Research Room of this season!

Roundabout by Katja Henriksen Schia

Roundabout is a negociation with the patterns we already have thought about.

This will be a research in collective and individual initiatives. Our point of departure will be different methods for movement and illustration. One simple story can have the potential of creating a big misunderstanding. To tell just one story will give an understanding of what there is. We need more stories. In Roundabout, Katja wishes to explore the power of including more stories.

In the middle of the room there is a table. The table is round, so that everyone can see. There are already some lines and drawings on the table, and many markers. During the introduction everyone will gather around the table. Participants and audience are mixed.

Times (participants must be able to do all days):
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm (including the performance)

A few guidelines for applying:

Schouskollektivet has as its goal to be “a platform for artists, by artists”. Thereby participants with an artistic practice will be prioritized.

We have the possibility of acceptation maximum 10 people.

but once getting accepted the participants commit to the whole workshop. Send an email with information describing your artistic practice and why you would like to attend to:

DEADLINE: 7th December (4pm).

Applying after the deadline will not be possible. If you have not received any email confirming your participation, then we no more spaces left for this workshop.


Welcome to our performance on Sunday 12th November, 7.30pm

Room tbc

Entrance: free (but we encourage to book in advance)

The performance is part of Oslo Theatre Center’s annual festival “Teatertreff”, with Norwegian artists working outside of the institutions. This weekend is an opportunity to showcase our work as independent artists.

Nb: Most performances cost 50 NOK (please see the ticket link on the event below):

Research Room #2:

Explorations of the Poetic Movement

with Kristin Nango, movement artist

Research room 2

(Foto: Fransesca Woodman (Untitled 1980))

What happens when we listen to all the senses we have in all possible directions? How is our fantasy connected and how is poetry alive?

This research will aim to find new ways of co-creating through poetic movement.

This weekend we will focus on the mystical body and its poetic potential for live poetry. Furthermore, we will dive deeper into what poetic movement can be and through this how we can find connections between us, the world around us – and into the living poem.

We will investigate fantasies and sensations, forces and the space in the body, movement, voice and words – and this will result inn a collaborative live poem.
Through our own explorations and the one done in groups, we will investigate the artistic possibilities for being in the unknown and an openness for the moment – in the search of a language and expression of one’s own.
There will be given a frame structure for the exploration inspired by butoh dance, improvisation, authentic movement and performance art. 

At the end of the workshop there will be a performance of the live poem in front of an audience, as part of the process.  Our performance is part of Teatertreff 2017, so make sure you invite people who are interested by following this link:


This research is open for all who wish to have an in-depth study of this material seen from an artistic perspective, and there will also be room for an independent exploration. It is preferred if the applicants have knowledge of performative work or have a poetic practice. It is also open for musicians and scenographers to apply.

Times (participants must be able to do all days):
Friday 10th November: 5pm – 8pm
Saturday 11th November: 11am – 6pm
Sunday 12th November : 11.30 am – 8pm (with performance)


NB! We can only accept 10 participants.

The Research Room has no participation fee, but once getting accepted the participants commit to the whole workshop. Send an email with information about your artistic practice and why you would like to attend to:

Last deadline 9th November (12pm noon). Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

The Facebook event can be found here (in Norwegian):

Welcome to “An Evening of the Book” performance 15th October at 6pm!


Photo & poster by Ane Thon Knutsen

The partcipants of the workshop will show what they have been working on during the weekend, and then we invite the audience to give us feedback.

We will serve coffee and tea.

Entrance: free

Address: Hovinveien 1, 0576 Oslo



Schouskollektivet søker deltakere til:
An Evening of The Book – Virginia Woolfs “The Mark on The Wall”

Lørdag og søndag 14. (kl.10 – 17) og 15. (kl. 10 – 20) oktober holdes en workshop der litteratur, grafisk design, scenografi og performance møtes. Arbeidet ledes av Ane Thon Knutsen, stipendiat ved Design (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo), i samarbeid med Schouskollektivet (The Research Room).
I løpet av to dager skal det arbeides med Virginia Woolfs tekst “The Mark on The Wall”. Inspirasjon hentes fra den russiske konstruktivisten Varvara Stepanovas performance “An Evening of The Book”.

Under workshopen vil deltakerne jobbe med Woolf sin tekst, og bildene av Stepanovas performance som utgangspunkt. Vi vil jobbe konkret med en trykke/sette prosess, for å komme under huden på et repetitivt arbeid der det oppstår en helt egen tilstand. Dette vil så bli utforsket av deltakerne performativt, og det er åpent for hvilken måte dette blir gjort på.

Obs! Vi har muligheten til å ha maks. 15 deltakere.
The Research Room har ingen deltakeravgift, men påmelding er bindende. Send en epost med noen linjer om deg selv og hvorfor du ønsker å delta til:
Siste frist 13 Oktober.

Arbeidet vil bli presentert foran et publikum på søndagen kl.18.

Mer om Anes arbeid:

Ønsker du å komme og se på? Sjekk ut eget arrangement (facebook):


We are seeking participants to the first Research Room: 

An Evening of The Book – Virginia Woolfs “The Mark on The Wall”

Saturday and Sunday 14th (10am -5pm) and 15th (10am – 8pm) of October a workshop will be held in which literature, graphic design, scenography and performance meet. The work is led by Ane Thon Knutsen, fellow at Design, in collaboration with the Schouskollective (The Research Room).

In two days, it will work with Virginia Woolf’s text “The Mark on The Wall”. Inspiration is obtained from the Russian constructionist Varvara Stepanova’s performance “An Evening of The Book”. The result will be a show at the end of the workshop and is open to everyone.

During the workshop the participants will work with Woolf’s text and use Stepanova’s pictures as reference. We will work with print-making and delve into what it means to work with repetition and the mood it creates. This will result in a performance by the participants, and it is open how each person wants to contribute.

Nb! We only have to possiblity to have 15 participants.
There is no workshop fee, but the registration is binding. Please send an email with a few lines about yourselves and why you would like to attend to:
Deadline 13th October.

The work will be presented in front of an audience on Sunday at 6pm.

More about Ane’s work:

Want to attend? Check out this event (Facebook):